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Pureganix is a leading national distributor of solely organic
turf care materials based in Massachusetts.
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A National Distributor of Solely
Organic Turf Care Materials

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About Pureganix

Pureganix offers the golf course, professional turf care, and sports field management industries a dedicated source for the best organic fertilizer, seed, and purely organic soil amendments with the latest cutting-edge technologies. The Pureganix team is made up of industry professionals that can consult and customize programs for residential organic turf care providers, commercial applicators, golf course superintendents, sports complexes, and municipality managers. We work directly with the leading manufacturers in the organic turf management and products space to customize products with proven results.
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Consultation and Customized Turf Care Programs

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Our team comprises industry leaders specializing in public and private turf management programs and is available to consult on any size project.

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