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Growing great turf organically starts with sourcing the highest quality organic turf maintenance products. The turf lawn care products we source come direct from the manufacturer or source which allows the Pureganix team to custom build products based on the needs of the client. Our team will work within the project framework to provide a catered program to achieve the results of the client.

Our seed cultivars are hand selected to create the highest quality blends, and Pureganix will custom blend seed for a client’s specific application and help consult on which varieties to use given your goals. Seed blends for residential applications will defer from those developed for a high use sports field. It is this flexibility in customization that enables each blend to be use specific.

We source our fertilizers from a small group of dedicated manufacturers who are committed to producing consistent science-based blends. Pureganix can customize fertilizer blends based on the client’s needs to ensure ideal organic turf maintenance and growth. Fertilizer is the food source of the program and each food program differs based on the client.

Soil amendments add another layer of health and control to the growing medium. When customizing individual programs, we utilize our three core elements of organic seed and fertilizer, plus the best organic soil amendments, to create a successful program.  We complement our purely organic products with best-in-class turf management services like soil testing and custom seed blending.