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Pureganix Organic Lawn & Turf Fertilizer Program

Pureganix’s Elite blend of organic seeds for sale is predominantly Tall Fescue Blend with Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass to help even out the mix. The organic seed mix is designed to help with the sustainability and longevity of our customer’s lawns. Our grass seed, coupled with organic lawn and turf fertilizer products, will yield excellent results, and we offer custom seed blending as well. Our organic seed is the perfect mix for any property. After seeing the devastation that the 2016 drought brought to our communities, we wanted to do our part to make sure they didn’t lose their investment going forward.

Our Granular Fertilizers

  • Provide even, continuous, long-term turf growth with less nutrient loss
  • Uniquely formulated with up to 15 high-quality organic and mineral raw materials
  • Exclusive MINIGRAN® Technology used to create homogeneous mini-granules of essential nutrients
  • Better controlled, more efficient nutrient delivery
  • Low-odor
  • Minimal nutrient leaching

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  • Minigran Pure-O Volt 7-0-7
  • Minigran K-Mix 2-0-20
  • Minigran Pure-O Brown 7-4-10
  • Minigran Pure-O Green 9-3-3
  • Minigran Pure-O Saphire 10-0-3
  • Minigran Pure-O Platinum 8-2-6
  • Minigran Micro-Mix 2-1-2
  • Minigran Eco-Sol 1 2-1-2

Our Liquid Fertilizers

  • Contain more than just N-P-K. Our liquids provide amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and growth hormones necessary for optimum plant growth
  • The trace elements and minerals found in the macro-micro nutrients of our fertilizers are immediately available to the plant
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, making the soil less compact and better able to drain
  • Studies have shown it to outperform 20-20-20 chemical fertilizers
  • Healthier soil (builds beneficial bacteria and gets soil microbes going)
  • Higher yields on organic pasture programs


  • Turf 2-0-2
  • Fish and Seaweed 2-3-1
  • Seaweed 0-0-1
  • Kelp 1-0-2
  • Crab 5-3-0

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