Organic Soil Amendments

Pureganix Soil Amendment Action Plans Customized For You

Organic soil amendments in the turf industry enable us to correct issues in the soil that may arise. The best organic soil amendments also help to balance the soil healthily, like how probiotics help balance the human gut. Once your soil testing service is complete, the organic turf management experts at Pureganix will create an action plan customized for you. We select amendments based on the soil’s specific needs and the soil test.

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Improve Physical Properties (texture/tilth/structure)

  • Increase water holding capacity
  • Increase nutrient-holding capacity
  • Improve aeration
  • Improve water infiltration (percolation)
  • Improve cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Adjust pH
  • Add nutrient/mineral values for plant growth
  • Increase the soil microbe community that helps plants

Limestone w/ Humic

  • Economical delivery of activated Humic/Fulvic acid
  • Phosphorus Free Turf Starter
  • Organic “Fertilizer”
  • Organic Fertilizer Companion
  • Carbon source to stimulate and improve soil microbiology
  • Replacement for Sic-tote Starter Plus, ROOTS, and ROOTS Healthy Star
  • Promotes Super Aggressive Seedling Tel
  • 0% increase in water sequestration
  • Increase turf performance in shaded areas
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Biological Products

  • Breakdown nutrients from the soil, therefore, making the nutrients more available to plants
  • Reduce the amount of fertilizer needed to achieve healthy, productive plants
  • Increase microbial activity in the soil and, as a foliar spray, on leaves
  • Improve soil structure by creating aggregates and increasing water holding capacity, therefore, reducing runoff and soil erosion
  • Increase the photosynthetic capacity of plants
  • Suppress soil-borne diseases and pests
  • Improve plant growth and fosters the formation of larger flowering sets
  • Dramatically speed up composting of manures and organic waste
  • It can be used in conjunction with organic and other mycorrhizal products
  • Provides high levels of polysaccharides, micro-nutrients, beneficial enzymes, and organic acids

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