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Pureganix’s Elite blend of organic seeds for sale is predominantly Tall Fescue Blend with Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass to help even out the mix. The organic seed mix was designed to help with the sustainability and longevity of our customers lawns. Our grass seed coupled with organic lawn & turf fertilizer products will yield amazing results, and we offer custom seed blending as well. Our organic seed is the perfect mix for any lawn. After seeing the devastation that the 2016 drought brought to our communities we wanted to do our part to make sure they didn’t lose their investment going forward.

The Tall fescue Varieties in our mix were picked for the following reasons:

  • The ability to spread with its patented technology featuring rhizomes.
  • Its faster establishing than most Tall Fescue Varieties.
  • Deep rooting abilities to help during long periods of drought.
  • It’s been proven to save properties 30% more water.
  • Its ability to grow in semi-shaded areas.
  • Grows great under lower fertility.
  • Very Dark green color.

The Perennial Ryegrass Varieties in our Mix were picked for the following Reasons:

  • The ability to spread with its patented technology featuring rhizomes.
  • It had very good wear tolerance which help with the hard to grow areas that are heavily used throughout a property.
  • Does very well during warmer temperatures. Most ryegrass varieties are very weak when it gets hot out.
  • One of the most use Ryegrass varieties in football and soccer fields.
  • Quick establishment.

The Kentucky Bluegrass varieties in our Mix were picked for the following reasons:

  • Quick germination and establishment.
  • Excellent density and color.
  • The ability to recover after dry periods.
  • This grass seed has great disease resistance.
  • Has the ability to grow in semi shades areas
  • Grows great under lower fertility.
  • Our varieties provide early competition against weeds.

At Pureganix we pride ourselves on provided the best result with minimal impact on our clients property and to the environment. We have teamed up in Barenbrug USA and come up with this mix to make sure we are provided the best results with organic seed varieties that are heavily research and proven in the fields. A few varieties in our mix are TWCA (Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance) certified, meaning they are among the very finest organic seeds for sale. The alliance is committed to water conservation in the turf industry. The varieties undergo vigorous testing to meet their standards and have to be re-tested every 8 years to make sure it is still up to par.

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